You are only one Sany SR155 away from the "pile" home of life!

You are only one Sany SR155 away from the "pile" home of life!

January 20, 2023

Some characters,Born to be noticed.

Everywhere you go,Show your strength.

It is the favorite rotary drill product of the fighting nation.

Dominate the ultra-low temperature conditions in the Arctic Circle

Shocked the industry

It isSR155C10

Towns、Municipal、Plant working conditions have its figure and high efficiency.、Flexible、Fuel economy is its label.Be flexible,High efficiency and energy saving

SR155CRotary drilling rig is a kind of drilling rig that acts on soil geology.,Pore-forming construction equipment for small-sized cast-in-place pilot,It has absolute competitive advantages in the field of small and medium-sized industrial and civil construction and municipal engineering.。The equipment is flexible,Operate with ease;During construction, the compound action is coherent and smooth.,And that drill efficiency is improved。Sufficient power and real-time distribution of power according to demand,Improve utilization,Reduce fuel consumption,Cost saving

SR155C10Maximum pore-forming diameterΦ1.5mMaximum hole-forming depth56m,It is in the leading level of the same model.,Sufficient for medium and small pile foundation works。

Reliable and convenient,Intelligent controlMast、High design standards for luffing and other structural parts,Pass the test system test,No cracking and deformation,And that maintenance cost is reduce。AdoptNoFiveSubstitute power head,Be equipped with an imported engine,Large flow pump valve design, small overall size,Transport without exceeding height,Light weight,In the cityUnimpeded transportation and transfer。On the premise of complying with local traffic laws and regulations,Smaller trucks are available for transport。SANY-ADMSThe system brings a new experience,Automatic fault diagnosisAutomatic recording of construction data。10-inch HD touch screen,Responsive,Simulate drilling animation,The operation is more convenient;Yi WeixunAPPReal-time monitoring of equipment operation status、Quantities, etc,It can also provide one-click service call and cluster management.。

360°Omnibearing video monitoring system、Panoramic sunroof;Large maintenance space,Centralized pressure measurement,And is convenient to operate。

Construction case

Rotary drill、Jump,It doesn't stopTake a break
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