Blockbuster! The list of major projects in 2024 in many provinces across the country was released!

Blockbuster! The list of major projects in 2024 in many provinces across the country was released!

April 02, 2024

The other day,Shandong、Jiangsu、Henan、Guangdong Releases List of Provincial Key Construction Projects in 2024。

List of Major Projects of Shandong Province in 2024

January 12,Shandong Provincial People's Government released the list of major projects in 2024.,555 major implementation projects in the province。

List of Provincial Major Implementation Projects in 2024

1 New Tianjin-Weifang High-speed Railway(Shandong section)Project and Jinan connecting line project

2 New Weifang-Suqian High-speed Railway(Shandong section)Project and Qingdao connecting line project

3 New Jinan – Zaozhuang Railway Project

4 New Weifang-Yantai Railway Project

5 New Beijing-Xiongan New Area-Shangqiu High-speed Railway Xiongan New Area-Shangqiu Section(Shandong section)Engineering

6 Dongjiakou to Wari(Yanshi)Railway connecting line project

7 Longyan Railway Regional Reconstruction Project

8 Special Railway Line Supporting Facilities Construction Project of Jining Xiangcheng North Port Co., Ltd.

9 Special Railway Line Project of Tai'an Multimodal Transport Logistics Co., Ltd.

10 National Energy Boxing Power Plant Phase I 2×Special railway line project for 1 million kilowatt generating units

11 Reconstruction and Expansion Project of Ganggou Interchange to Yinjialin Hub Section of Jinan Ring Expressway

12 G228 Dandong Line(Blue Valley to Shek Peng Reservoir)Alteration works andG204 Yanhu Line(Shipeng Reservoir to Chengyang Jiaozhou Boundary)Renovation project(That is, the ink segment)Project

13 Reconstruction and Expansion Project of Nancun to Rizhao Section of Shenyang-Haikou Expressway

14 Reconstruction and Expansion Project of Hetao-Huangdao Section of Qinglan Expressway

15 Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway Additional Tangshan Road Interchange and Connection Line Project

16 Dongying-Qingzhou Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project

17 Qixia-Laizhou Expressway Project

18 Tai'an-Dongping Expressway Project

19 G18 Rongwu Expressway Weihai Wendeng District to Shuangdao Bay Science and Technology City Section Project

20 Renovation and Expansion Project of Liangcheng-Fenshui Section of Shenyang-Haikou Expressway

21 Zhaogang Lanshan Port Shugang Expressway Project

22 GReconstruction Project of Linyi Rizhaojie-Changshen Expressway Linyi East Interchange Section of Line 518

23 Linyi to Xuzhou(Lu Su Jie)Highway project

24 Dong'e-Yanggu Expressway Construction Project

25 Xumin Expressway Dancao Section Project

26 Qihe-Dong'e Section Project of Jinan-Dong'e Expressway

27 Qihe-Linqing Section of Jinan-Linqing Expressway

28 Jinan – Ningjin Expressway Project

29 Qingyun-Zhangqiu Expressway Project

30 Dongliang Expressway Shenhai Expressway to Xintai Section Project

31 Zoucheng-Jining Highway Project

32 Qingdao Port Dongjiakou Port Area Langya Taiwan Operation Area General Wharf Project at the Bottom of the Bay

33 250000 ton crude oil import berth and supporting projects in Dongying Port

34 Yantai Port West Port Area Crude Oil Terminal Phase II Supporting Tank Farm Project

35 Rushankou Port Area, Weihai Port 5#6#Berth engineering project

36 Rizhao Port Transformation and Upgrading Project

37 Supporting Tank Farm Project of Phase III Project of 300,000-ton Crude Oil Terminal in Lanshan Port Area of Rizhao Port

38 Houlou to Guanqiao Section of Heze New Wanfu River Re-navigation Phase II Project

39 Huxi Channel of Beijing-Hangzhou Canal(Superior Lake Section)Renovation and Weishan Third-line Lock Project

40 Jinan Taiping Reservoir Project

41 Qingdao Guanlu Reservoir Project

42 Liangbei Reservoir Project in Liangshan County

43 Dezhou Yangzhuang Reservoir Project

44 Xiajin Beicheng Reservoir Project

45 East Extension of North Industrial Road Expressway, Jinan City(Guodian Interchange to Dazheng Road)Road Construction Project

46 Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Phase II Reconstruction and Expansion Project

47 Jinan Urban Rail Transit Project in 2024

48 Jinan Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. 2×660MW Advanced Coal-fired Unit Heating Project

49 Jinan New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Starting Area Yellow River Sports and Science and Technology Park Infrastructure Project

Advanced Laser Research Institute, Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(Jinan)Phase II of the project

51 Shandong Huadian Zhangqiu 2×400MWStage Gas Turbine Thermoelectric Project

52 Comprehensive Infrastructure Reconstruction Project of East Coast Industrial Park of Qingdao Urban Development Group Co., Ltd.

53 Qingdao Urban Rail Transit Project in 2024

54 Zhangcun River Comprehensive Treatment Project of Qingdao Global Wealth Center Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

55 Jiaozhou Bay Second Subsea Tunnel Project

56 Zibo Pioneer District Underground Pipeline Network Construction Project

57 Shandong Zaozhuang Civil Airport Project

58 Dongying Energy Optical Storage and Transmission Integration Base

59 GuohuaHG14 Offshore PV 1000MWProject

New Energy Industrial Park Project in Kenli District, Dongying City

61 The second unit project of the third phase of Shengli Power Plant of State Energy Group

62 Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Project 3、Unit 4 Project

63 Huaneng Shandong Peninsula NorthBWSite Offshore Wind Power Project

64 Weifang Crude Oil Depot Project of Shandong Zhenhua Petroleum Energy Reserve Co., Ltd.

65 Infrastructure Supporting Project of Changyi New Energy Equipment Industrial Park

66 Jihe, Sishui County(Urban section)Comprehensive treatment project

67 Yankuang Tai'an Port Rail-rail-water Intermodal Logistics Park Phase II Project

68 Shandong Tai'an Phase-II Pumped Storage Power Station Project

69 Phase II Project of Xintai International Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park of Taian Huitai Construction Development Group Co., Ltd.

70 National Energy Group Guohua Peninsula SouthU2 Site Offshore Wind Power Phase II Project

71 Infrastructure Supporting Project of Rizhao Haiyou Industrial Park

72 Rizhao Talent Building Project

73 Water Storage and Irrigation Control Project of yuangong River Basin in Juxian County

74 Shandong Energy Liaocheng Xiangguang 2×660MW cogeneration project

75 Shenxian No.3 Sewage Treatment Plant and Supporting Pipe Network Project

76 Infrastructure Construction Project of Yanggu Modern Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

77 Guodian Boxing Power Plant Phase I 2×1 million kilowatt unit project

78 High-speed Railway Logistics Park Infrastructure Construction Project of Binzhou High-speed Railway Area Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd.

79 Baimiao Shallow Gas Storage Project of Zhongyuan Oilfield Company

80 Production and Supporting Facilities Construction Project of Shengli Oilfield in 2023

81 Longyuan New Energy Zhaoyuan Fushan Town 600MWComposite agricultural photovoltaic power generation project

82 Longdong-Shandong±800 kV UHVDC project and Mihe River、Longdong-Shandong UHVDC receiving end supporting 500 kV power grid project

83 Guodian Investment Jilin Power(Weifang)Wind, solar and storage multi-energy complementary pilot project of New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

84 Jinan Low-volume Rail Transit Hi-tech East District Loop Line Project

85 Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Supporting Facilities Project

86 Shandong Shanke Science Park Co., Ltd. Shanke Artificial Intelligence and High-end Equipment Industry Science Park

87 China Power Construction Qingdao Jimo Offshore Photovoltaic Project

88 State Power Investment Group Gaoqing 202MW/404MWhEnergy storage demonstration project

89 Yihe River Regulation Project in Yiyuan County

90 Yiyuan Chemical Industrial Park Supporting Infrastructure Upgrading Project

91 East China New Energy Integrated Vehicle Proving Ground Project

92 Modern Integrated Passenger Transport Hub and Supporting Project of Dongying High-speed Railway Station

93 Sinopec Dongying Crude Oil Commercial Reserve Project

94 Shandong Energy Bohai Offshore Wind Power Project(GSite)

95 Donghui Technology Dongying Wind Power Test and Certification Innovation Base Project

96 Development of Dongying District under the guidance of ecological environment(EOD)Project

97 National Advanced Energy Demonstration Zone Project

98 CGN Shandong Zhaoyuan Nuclear Power Project

99 North of Shandong PeninsulaN2 Site Offshore Wind Power Project

100 National Energy Penglai Phase II 2×1 million kilowatt project

101 Crude Oil Reservoir Area of West Port Area of Yantai Port(3 million cubic meters)Engineering project

102 Laizhou Tushan 600 of CGNMWSalt-photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic power generation project

103 Huaneng Yantai Power Plant 2×9FClass gas-steam combined cycle cogeneration project

104 Huadian Longkou Phase IV 2×The second unit of 660MW cogeneration project

105 Laizhou Lingang Lindian Industrial Park Construction Project

106 Weifang Shuntai Storage Co., Ltd. Energy Storage Project

107 CLP(Phase I)100MW/200MWhGaomi Centralized Shared Energy Storage Project

108 China(Liangshan)Infrastructure Construction Project of Meta-Universe Digital Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

109 Shiqiao Town, Taibai Lake New District 220MWPhotovoltaic power generation project

110 Jining Huayuan Thermal Power Plant Molten Salt Energy Storage Peak-shaving and Frequency Modulation Project

111 Xintai 2×600MW Coal-fired Power Generation Project

112 S104 Jiwei Line Feicheng Ningyang Boundary to Ningyang Yanzhou Boundary Section Reconstruction Project

113 Zhongnengjian Shandong Tai'an 350MWCompressed Air Energy Storage Innovation Demonstration Project

114 China Power Construction Feicheng 2×300MW(Phase I)Salt Cavern Compressed Air Energy Storage Power Station

115 Tai'an Huitai Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. Taishan Photoelectric Technology Industrial Park(Phase IV)Infrastructure construction project

116 Feicheng Gaochuang Industrial Integration Development Demonstration Park Infrastructure Construction Project

117 Huaneng Taian 2×9FStage gas-steam combined cycle cogeneration project

118 Zhongxing Power Dongping 2×1 million kilowatt ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant project

119 Shandong Shidaowan Nuclear Power Station Expansion Phase I Project

120 South of Haiwei Peninsula, ShandongUSite 450MWOffshore Wind Power Project

121 Weihai Lingang District New Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park Project(Phase I)

122 Weihai Lingang District Source-Network-Load-Storage Integration Demonstration Project

123 Rongcheng Electronic Information Supporting Industry Phase I Infrastructure Project

124 Datang Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Wendeng Zeku Houjia 400MWPhotovoltaic power generation project

125 Juxian Railway Port Industrial Park Project

126 Three vertical and two horizontal rural roads and transportation infrastructure supporting projects in Juxian County

127 Water Storage and Irrigation Project in Northern Area of Juxian County

128 Comprehensive Infrastructure Supporting Project of High-tech Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Rizhao High-tech Zone

129 Rizhao Biochemical Park Public Pilot Base Project

130 Rizhao No.2 Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant(Coordinated disposal of kitchen waste)Engineering project

131 Pingyi County 300MW/600MWhEnergy storage project

Infrastructure Supporting Project of Feixian Green Home Furnishing Industrial Park

133 State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company Linyi Power Supply Company Kaiyang(Linxi)500 kV power transmission and transformation project

High Quality Development Pioneer Area Industrial Public Service Facilities Construction Project of Shandong Xinmu Industrial Development Investment Co., Ltd.

135 Beijing Tianrun Xiajin 200MW/400MWhLithium battery energy storage peak-shaving project

136 Leling Economic Development Zone Intelligent Industrial Park Construction and Supporting Upgrading Project

137 Qihe CountyG308 Comprehensive Supporting Engineering Construction Project

138 Gaotang Biological Big Health Industry Foundation Upgrading Project

139 Water System Restoration and Green Development of Liaocheng High-speed Railway New AreaEODProject-Green Agricultural Creative Intelligence Research Center Project

140 Raw Oil and Refined Oil Storage Project of Shandong Yatong Energy Development Co., Ltd.

141 Liaocheng CityLNGStorage and Distribution Station Project

142 Huaneng Binzhou New Energy 850,000 kW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

143 Zhanhua Binhai Town 300MW/600MWhShared Energy Storage Project

144 Independent Energy Storage Power Station Project in Yangxin County of Shandong Haohao Resources Recycling Co., Ltd.

145 Binhua Group Beihai Binhua New Material Source Network Load Storage Integration Project

146 Zhanhua Qingyang 150MWPhotovoltaic power generation project

147 Yangxin Green Low-carbon High-end Aluminum Industrial Park and Supporting Infrastructure Construction Project

148 Juancheng Rail-cum-Road Hub Station Project

149 G220 Dongshen Line Gaocheng Ring Section Reconstruction Project

150 “Fourteen five”First batch of centralized onshore wind power projects

151 Shandong Province 2024 5GNetwork Engineering

152 Yangkou East, Shouguang, Tang Dynasty、Camp 500MWBase photovoltaic project

Photovoltaic Power Generation Base Project in Coal Mining Subsidence Area of Heze City

Propane dehydrogenation and propylene oxide project of Zhenhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

155 Weihai Shiyi Network Industry Co., Ltd. Weihai Shiyi Network Industry Special New Material Project

156 Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project of Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd.(Phase I)

157 Zhongbo North Bearing Technology(Liaocheng)Ltd. with an annual output of 6.30,000-ton bearing and accessories project

158 Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park High-end Fine Chemicals Integration and Industrial Chain Extension Supporting Project

159 Weifang Weizhou Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Weizhou Kechuang Industrial Park Project

160 Lightweight Extrusion Structure Project of Shandong Honghe Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd.

161 Yankuang Energy Group Co., Ltd. Smart Manufacturing Project

162 Rizhao Marine Biological Products R & D and Modern Cold Chain Logistics Project

1.63 million Hua Chemical(Penglai)Limited company Wanhua(Penglai)High Performance Materials Integration Project

164 Luxi Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. 1 million tons/Organosilicon project(Phase I)

165 Mei Ye(Shandong)Meiye Biomedical Industrial Park Project of Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

166 Longhai New Material Project of Weifang Longhai Civil Explosive Co., Ltd.

167 Huaru Smart Cold Chain Logistics Park Project of Shandong Huaru Industrial Park Operation Management Co., Ltd.

168 Tai'an City Industrial Waste Comprehensive Utilization and Disposal Project of Shandong Industrial Enterprise Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

169 Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park Construction Project of Qingdao Wenjin Rail Transit Co., Ltd.

170 Levima Green New Energy Materials and Biodegradable Materials Integration Project

171 Ruihan Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Project of Shandong Ruihan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

172 million Baoli(Shandong)Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. New Waterproof Headquarters Production Base Project

173 Weihai Wisdom Valley Investment Operation Co., Ltd. Weihai Service Trade Industrial Park Phase II Project

174 Dongshenhaiyue High-end Touch Screen Glass Cover、Module and supporting electronic component project

175 Qilu Expressway(Shandong)Intelligent Transportation Industry Base Project of Assembly Co., Ltd.

176 Dongying Yishu Chain Digital Economy Industrial Park Project

177 Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. 1.2 million tons/Ethylene and downstream high-end polyolefin project

178 Qingdao Chengzhi New Material Industrial Park Project(40,000 tons/Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene)

179 Yantai Huarun Nylon Co., Ltd. Huarun Chemical Nylon New Material Industry Upgrading Project

Project of Changshouhua Food Co., Ltd. with Annual Output of 200,000 Tons of Functional Edible Oil

181 Shandong Huiyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. High-end Precision Brake Disc Intelligent Factory Project with Annual Output of 200,000 Tons

Aerospace Parts R & D and Production Base Project of Shandong Huachuan Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

183 Annual output of 60,000 tons of cyanuric acid project of Shandong Heshenghui New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

184 Qingdao Nideke Global Electrical Appliance Production and Research Base Project

185 Weihai Zhenghe Warehousing Co., Ltd. Logistics Warehousing Distribution Center Project

186 Intelligent Upgrading Project of Innovative Drugs and Traditional Chinese Medicine External Preparations in High-tech Zone of Heze Innovation Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

187 Shandong Yuexing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. produces 300,000 tons of formaldehyde annually.、300,000 tons of urea-formaldehyde resin、Project of 7,650 tons of new high-efficiency and low-toxicity pesticides and 800 tons of fine chemicals

188 High-end Coated Plate Project of Rizhao Yulan New Material Co., Ltd.

189 Intelligent Technology Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Project of Shandong Guangkeyuan Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

190 Luzhong International Land Port General Warehouse Project of Zibo Bonded Logistics Co., Ltd.

191 Zibo Baiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Huawei Internet of Things Science and Technology Innovation Center Project

192 Shandong Guangyan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Guangyan New Material Production Phase II Project

193 Wendeng Jintan Investment Management Co., Ltd. Forestry Ecological Protection and Construction Project at the North Foot of Fengshan Mountain in Wendeng Economic Development Zone

194 Heze yuanjietong Logistics Co., Ltd. yuantong Heze Zhichuang Park Project

195 Huimin County Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park Construction Project

196 Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Co(Shang River)Co., Ltd. Shanghe Industrial Base Project

197 Wanhua Chemical(Penglai)Penglai Seawater Desalination Project

198 Shandong Ruilun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 100,000 tons/Degradable Plastics Project

199 Shandong Pengsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/Anode material supporting project

200 Annual 30000 Tons of Difluoromethane Project of Shandong Fuyongli Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

201 Shandong Linhai High-end Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 200,000t/a Forging Project

202 Shanghai Cooperation Economic and Trade Industrial Park Project of Shandong Expressway Qilu Investment Development Co., Ltd.

203 FAW Forging( Jilin )FAW Intelligent Forging and Precision Manufacturing Project

204 Liaocheng Guanzhou International Land Port Co., Ltd. Guanzhou International Land Port Project

205 Sinotruk New Energy Product Test Center Project

206 Guangying(Qingdao)Steel Industry Co., Ltd. Guangying Precision Intelligent Manufacturing Project

207 Boiler flue gas of Liaocheng Xinyuan Group Co., Ltd.CCUSCarbon and nitrogen co-production project with an annual output of 300,000 tons

208 Shandong Times New Energy Battery Industry Base Project

209 Binzhou Zhanhua Huihong New Materials Co., Ltd. 4 Million Tons of Alumina Production Line Relocation and Upgrading Project

210 Kirin Communication Technology(Heze)Ltd. Kirin Communication Industrial Park Project

211 Zhifu Bay Marine Financial Innovation Pilot Zone Project of Yantai Maritime World Group Business Management Operation Co., Ltd.

212 Yantai High-tech ZoneIVDIndustrial Park Project

213 Shandong Houwei Chemical Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/Lithium Battery Anode Material Precursor Project

2.14 million Huahe Fragrance Board(Heze)Ltd. with an annual output of 300000 cubic meters of formaldehyde-free straw particleboard project

215 Shandong Chuangdao New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 10000 tons/Vulcanizing agent for polyurethane rubberMOCA、Tons 10000/O-chloroaniline、2000 tons/Chlorobromoisocyanuric acid、Tons 20000/Methyl Tetrahydrophthalic Anhydride Project

216 Matter Element Semiconductor Technology(Qingdao)Ltd. 12-inch Advanced Packaging Production Line Project

217 Bond Laser Global Headquarters Base Project

218 Xin En(Qingdao)Electronic Information Industrial Park Supporting Project of Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

219 Weifang National Agricultural Comprehensive Zone Urban Supply Guarantee Intelligent Warehousing and Processing Integration Base Construction Project

220 Graphene Thermal Management Application R & D and Industrialization Project of Shandong Aerospace Paimeng New Materials Co., Ltd.

221 Weihai United Imaging Co., Ltd. Intelligent Camera Module、Automatic production line transformation project

222 Qingdao Haier Water Ecology Project

223 Shandong Kangwo Holding Co., Ltd. Clean Energy Methanol Distributed Power Station、Methanol Range Extender and Generator Set for New Energy Commercial Vehicle,Digital intelligent high-flexibility full-process factory construction project

224 Thermophysical Test Facility for Key Components of Air-breathing Engine, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

225 Shandong Gottwell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. produces 6 billion ceramic bases annually.、Manufacturing project of 6 billion quartz crystal resonators and automation equipment

High-performance carbon fiber project with an annual output of 12000 tons of Shandong Yongcheng New Materials Co., Ltd.

227 Shandong Yingcheng Feilong Modern Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Project

Digital Printing Intelligent Packaging Industry-Education Integration Training Base Project of Shanshan East Asia New Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

229 Jinan Huichuan Technology Project with an Annual Output of 6000 Engineering Frequency Converters

230 Tsu'tey(Shandong)Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Zhongda Huike·High-end metal new material(Stainless steel)Smart Internet of Things Industry Chain Project

231 Weihai Sinotrans Smart International Logistics Co., Ltd. Weihai Sinotrans Smart International Logistics Center Project

232 Ganghua Bearing Technology(Shandong)Co., Ltd. 5 million sets of bearing project

233 Wei Chai Lei Wo(Weifang)High-end Agricultural Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Project of Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.

234 Shandong Feicheng Haijing Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. Green Ecological Refined Salt(IIPeriod)And supporting brine extraction and transportation project

235 Haixi Energy Storage Technology(Shandong)Limited Company 5GWhEnergy storage battery core、ModulepackManufacturing base

236 Herpes Vaccine Technical Transformation and Industrialization Project of Shandong Weigaolitong Biological Products Co., Ltd.

Blood Purification Intelligent Production and Construction Project of Shandong Weigao Blood Purification Products Co., Ltd.

Thai-China Special Paper Co., Ltd. 300,000-ton Functional Paper Base and Auxiliary Material Production Project

239 Shandong Qianjiang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. Zheshang(Linqu)Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project

240 Pyridine Project of Mingshengda Polymer Materials Industrial Park of Taian Mingde New Materials Co., Ltd.

241 Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Wheel Project of Guanxian Iris Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

242 Taian Huangshi Jinghua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Taian Annual Output 10GWHigh-efficiency monocrystalline battery intelligent factory project

243 Donghua Software Co., Ltd. Donghua Software Taishan Industry 4.0 Industrial Park Project

244 Tai'an High-tech Zone Rural Revitalization Industrial Park Construction Project

Project of High Energy Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries with an Annual Output of 50,000 Tons of 245 Fengyuan Lithium Energy

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Project of Shandong Kangchao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

247 Amide Raw Material Optimization and Upgrading Project of Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

248 Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/Dibasic Acid Project

Shandong Shiniu Chemical Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 20,000 tons of aluminum trichloride.、10,000 tons of anthraquinone、Ten thousand tons of ferric chloride、5000 tons of neopentyl glycol、5000 tons of chloropropionyl chloride、5,000t isobutylbenzene project

250 Qingdao Baiyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tablets、Granules、Hard capsule production workshop and supporting projects

251 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Qilu Branch 250,000 tons/Polypropylene Joint Venture Project

252 Monkey Guoguo(Shandong)High-end Fresh Juice Production Base Construction Project of Food Technology Co., Ltd.

Capacity Replacement Project of 253 Huawo New Dry Process Cement Production Line

254 New Energy Epoxy Resin Production Line Construction Project with Annual Output of 50,000 Tons

255 Shandong Lutong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Agricultural Machinery、Car、Large construction machinery special drive axle(Box)Intelligent manufacturing project

High-purity nano spherical semiconductor electronic packaging materials and intelligent equipment project of Shandong Jinwei Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

257 Qingyun Voda Energy Co., Ltd. Annual output 2GWhLithium batteryPACKEnergy storage system integration project

258 Ou Tong(Shandong)Textile Co., Ltd. Intelligent Precision Special Fiber Cloth、Yarn project

259 Shandong Zhuoao Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. 400000 tons of new energy vehicle waste lithium battery comprehensive utilization and cathode raw material green manufacturing project

260 Shandong Jiajun Energy Co., Ltd. Annual Production Base Project of 400 Intelligent Mining Equipment

261 Shandong Jiuwei Aluminum Alloy New Material Co., Ltd. Production and R & D Base Project

262 Laiyang Sinopharm Industrial Park Project of Shandong Ruibaote Park Investment Group Co., Ltd.

263 Industrialization Project of Aluminum Shell for New Energy Vehicle Power Battery of Shandong Xinheyuan Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd.

264 Qingdao Haier Refrigeration Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Haier Jiaozhou Refrigerator Intelligent Manufacturing(Phase III)Project

265 Qingdao Xinherun Prefabricated Building Technology Co., Ltd. Hong KongSUIHEIntegrated Housing Intelligent Manufacturing Project of the Group

266 Qingdao Yunlu Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. High-end Soft Magnetic Materials and Devices Production Line Construction Project in New Energy Field

267 Yellow River Food Logistics Park Project in Gaoqing County

268 Yi Rui increased by 200,000 tons/New material project of electronic grade epoxy resin and special resin

269 Shandong Union Group New Materials Co., Ltd.PBAT/PBSDegradable plastic integration project

270 Beixin Min'an Intelligent Industrial Park Project of Ningyang Beixin Min'an Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

271 Shandong Taipu Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. Annual Output of 200,000 Tons of Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Battery Material Project

272 Shandong Jingjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jingjin API and Specialty Chemicals Production Base Project

273 Agricultural Products Intelligent Cold Chain Warehousing Logistics Project of Shandong Yimeng yuanxiang Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd.

274 Intelligent Cold Chain Distribution Center Project of Shandong Gongzheng Agriculture Co., Ltd.

275 Dezhou Rural Revitalization Industrial Integration Demonstration Park

276 Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 600 sets of intelligent deep-hole machine tools.

277 Filtration Complete Equipment Industrialization Phase II Project of Jingjin Equipment Co., Ltd.

278 Olefin New Material Science and Technology Demonstration Project of Dongming Shenghai Chemical New Material Co., Ltd.

279 Caoxian Ailun Metal Processing Co., Ltd. Annual Output of 20000 Tons of Electronic Industrial Equipment Oxygen-free Copper New Material Project

280 Shandong Dajiang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Photovoltaic Energy Storage Power Appliance/Equipment manufacturing project

281 Construction Project of National Saline-alkali Land Comprehensive Utilization Technology Innovation Center

282 Guangzhou Penghui Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Penghui Energy Storage Battery Production Project

283 Project of Shandong Nanshan Zhishang Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 80,000 tons of high-performance differential nylon filament

284 high-end equipment manufacturing projects such as carbon dioxide hydrogenation reactor of Shandong Zhengnuo Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

285 Jiafu display technology(Shandong)Limited liability company display intelligent terminal industry chain project

286 Zhongxinneng Cotton Distribution Intelligent Industrial Park(Ningyang)Limited company“National Unified Market”Textile Industry Chain Demonstration Park Project

287 Artificial Ceramic Hip Prosthesis R & D and Manufacturing Base Project of Beijing Ansong Technology Co., Ltd.

Construction Project of Pingyuan Digital Science and Technology Center of Pingyuan Pioneer Investment Development Co., Ltd.

289 High Performance Off-Highway Tire Relocation Project of Weihai Zhongwei Rubber Co., Ltd.

290 Beijing Jingfeng Pharmaceutical(Shandong)Co., Ltd. High-end New Drug Preparation Project

291 Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Annual Output of 10 Billion Tablets Oral Preparation Complex Technical Transformation Project

292 Zidong Technology Electrode Electric Battery Assembly Project

293 Weida Heavy Industry International High-end CNC Machine Tool Project

294 Jiaotong University Zhibang(Shandong)Digital Equipment Smart Factory Project

295 Central Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Center Project

296 Jinxiang Daoxiangcun Food Co., Ltd. Daoxiangcun Healthy Baking Food、Smart Cloud Warehouse Whole Industry Chain Project

297 Linyi Donghua Smart Logistics Technology City Project

298 Tianqu Financial Center and Digital Intelligence Industrial Park Project of Dezhou Tianqu Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd.(Golden Street and Cloud Valley)

299 Shandong Road Puan Brake Material Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 300,000 carbon discs./Carbon、Carbon/Industrialization project of ceramic brake disc

300 Shandong Jinqihang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 20GWhSolid lithium(Sodium)Battery and Industry Chain Phase I Project

301 Dezhou Lingcheng District Zero Carbon Smart Cold Chain Logistics Industry Center Project

302 Super Factory Construction Project of Pharmaceutical Intermediates and APIs of Shandong Fengyuan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

303 Shandong Ruiye New Materials Co., Ltd. 70000 tons of high-end recycled aluminum and 20000 tons of high-end equipment project

304 Shuifa Chixiang Electric(Shandong)Ltd. with an annual output of 50 millionkVAUHV Transformer Manufacturing Project

305 National Rubber Center Functional New Material Industrial Park Project

306 Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry Base Project of Shandong Yongju Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.(Phase II)

307 High-end Thermal Printing Core Module Industrialization Project of Shandong Valin Electronics Co., Ltd.

308 Digital Economy Industrial Park Project of Linyi Dongsheng Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

309 Linyi Tianju Energy-saving Material Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 170,000 tons.ECERGlass Fiber Production Line Digital Upgrading Technical Transformation Project

310 Shandong Bohai Oil Industry Co., Ltd. 1.5 million tons of feed protein and by-products deep processing project

311 Jingyehui(Anqiu)Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. JingyehuiPetCostcoPet Industrial Park Phase I Project

312 Power Capacity Super Capacity New Energy Technology(Xintai)Ltd. Lirong Super Capacitor and Dry Battery Phase I Project

313 Lanling Burdock Culture Township Community Demonstration Park Project of Lanling Nongfeng Supply Chain Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd.

314 North Reserve(Shandong)Low Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. Dongying New Energy Carbon Material Digital Industrial Park Project

315 R & D and production project of green low-carbon circulating water equipment and intelligent operation and maintenance system of Shandong Lanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

316 Shandong Lehua Technology Co., Ltd. 1 million tons/Production project of high-end coatings and supporting packaging products

317 Project of Intelligent Green Factory for UHV Power Fittings of Shandong Guangda Line Equipment Co., Ltd.

318 Luoshi(Shandong)Integrated R & D and Production Project of Industrial Robot Core Components of Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

319 Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Material Production Project of Shandong Hanhang New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.

320 Digital Intelligence Transformation and Upgrading Project of Rizhao Iron & Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd.

321 Xingshun Shengyi Science and Technology Industrial Park Project of Shandong Xingshun New Materials Co., Ltd.

322 Shandong Zhuofan Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. Additive Manufacturing(3D Print )Whole Industry Chain Shandong Production Base Project

323 Donga County Digital Intelligence Logistics and Supply Chain Industrial Park Construction Project of Donga Cairun Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

324 Dezhou Aerospace Food Industrial Park Project of Shandong Zhongbai Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

325 Jinan Future Industrial Computing Network Integration Project

326 Green Energy Comprehensive Development and Supporting Service Project of Shandong Zhaoyuan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

Project of Shandong Huajian Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 150,000 tons of ultra-high precision special aluminum profiles

328 New Generation Intelligent Equipment R & D and Manufacturing Base Project of Weifang Lichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

329 Shandong Lianke Chemical Co., Ltd. 30,000 tons/Annual high performance rare element extractant series products and 50,000 tons/Hydrochloride project

330 Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. Pulp Paper Project with Annual Output of 1.7 Million Tons

331 Shandong Donghong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Annual output 9.20,000-ton high-performance composite pipeline project

Advanced Silicon Carbide Products Production Plant Project of Weihai Huacai New Materials Co., Ltd.

333 Rizhaotou Modern Fishery Seed Industry Base Project

334 Shandong Zhengji Group Co., Ltd. Jingdong(Positive base)Digital Intelligence Logistics Center Project

335 High-end Functional Health Food Project of Shandong Dexin Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

336 Hydroalcohol Power Technology(Shandong)Methanol Extended-Range Engine Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project

337 New Hope Liuhe Group(Dong'ah)Modern Agricultural Cluster Park Construction Project

338 Zhongshiyou Intelligent Equipment(Shandong)PetroChina Oilfield and Refinery Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Base Project

339 Binzhou High-tech Zone Modern Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Demonstration Zone(Garden)Project

340 Shandong Neptunus Yinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Neptunus Modern Intelligent Pharmaceutical Logistics Park Project

341 Shandong Shangjin Industrial Development CompanyeThe capital of clothes·China(Cao County)Huafu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

342 Qingte Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project of Qingte Group Co., Ltd.

343 Shandong Derby New Material Technology Co., Ltd. produces 80,000 tons of lithium battery materials annually.、120000 tons of carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex construction project

344 Lihua Yilijin Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. Special Engineering Resin-50,000 tons/YearASAResin project

345 Shandong Blue Ocean Pilot Smart Energy Center Project

346 Operation and Management of Baoke Digital Economy Industrial Park(Weifang)Limited Oracle(Weifang)Digital Economy Industrial Base Project

347 Laizhou Huijin Mining Investment Co., Ltd. Tailings Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Demonstration Project

348 Shandong Ruilun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/YearPS、SAN、ASA、MSProject

High-performance New Material Project with Annual Output of 70,000 Tons of Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd.

350 Shandong yuanshang Intelligent Supply Chain Co., Ltd. Shandong yuanshang Central Kitchen and Agricultural Products Intelligent Logistics Base Construction Project

351 Meikang Biological North Medical Industrial Park Headquarters Base Project

352 Xingda(Jining)Steel Cord Co., Ltd. 100,000 Tons of Steel Cord Project

353 Kenli Petrochemical 50,000 tons/High-end Graphite Carbon Material Integration Project

Infrastructure Construction Project of Yinan County Pet Food Industrial Park of Yinan County Guoshuai Park Construction Co., Ltd.

355 Taishan Iron and Steel Fine Steel System Optimization Intelligent Manufacturing Project

356 Shandong Hanbang Home Glass Co., Ltd. to build a production project of new functional glass products with an annual output of 150,000 tons

357 XinwangdaBEVSquare aluminum battery production line expansion project

358 Hangyang New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion 105000.Nm3/hAir separation expansion project

359 Daye New Materials Annual Output of 200,000 Tons of High-end Wire Intelligent Manufacturing、100 thousand ton bead wire、Intelligent manufacturing project of 150,000t precision wire rod

360 Dongying New Sunshine produces 1320 tons of polyimide and other high-performance polymer materials and special monomers annually.、Project of 9,630 tons of special chemicals

361 High-end Oil Drilling and Production Equipment Manufacturing Project of Plateau Oil and Gas Equipment Kenli Branch

362 Weichai Fudi Battery Co., Ltd. Weichai Fudi Battery Core Production Base Project

363 C4 Comprehensive Utilization Project of Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

China-Europe New Material Science Park Project of Yantai Far East Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

365 Cambridge(Yantai)Energy-saving Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project

366 Yantai Zhongdian Zhigu Project of Yantai Zhongdian Shenlan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

367 Shandong yuanxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Medical Care and Health Industry Chain Comprehensive Project

Production project of Weifang Taigang Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. with annual processing capacity of 200,000 tons of Seiko Taigang

369 Gaomi New Town Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Zhilanzhuang Land Port Project with Annual Throughput of 4 Million Tons

370 Shenke(Zhucheng)Sino-German International Pet Economic Industrial Park Project of Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

371 Shandong Weishan Lake Lithium Power New Energy Co., Ltd. Annual output 5GWhLarge power lithium battery project

372 Jining yuanxiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. Computing Center and Digital Economy Industrial Park Project

373 Shandong Lingang Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 600,000 tons of cold rolling projects and 1.2 million tons of high-end plate projects.

374 Project of Linyi Dingxiang Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 2.7 million tons of aluminum-zinc-magnesium metal materials

375 Qixiang New Materials(Shandong)Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 420,000 tons of special materials for high-performance radial tires.、7.50,000-ton baking soda project

376 Liaocheng Jinxin New Material Co., Ltd. New GB Straight Thread Fastener Project

377 Xinkexing Precision Machinery(Shandong)Co., Ltd. Intelligent Precision Equipment Manufacturing Project

378 Shengyou Dairy Liquid Milk Production Base Project of Shandong Shengyou Dairy Co., Ltd.

379 Shandong Hongtu Power Energy Co., Ltd. Power BatteryPACKProject

380 Binzhou Juheng Agriculture Co., Ltd. Wudi Smart Agricultural Expo City Project

381 Ultra-thin Flexible Fabric Project of Shandong Tianhou New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

High Precision Equipment Precision Manufacturing Project of Shandong Burley Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

383 Shandong Hongbo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Annual output 5.50,000 tons of butyric acid、Isobutyric acid、Methyl butyrate、Ethyl butyrate project

384 Shandong Haosai New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. New Energy Vehicle North Supporting Industrial Base Project

Electronic Information Industrial Park Project of Gaotang Hongji Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

386 Jiaozhou Digital Economy Industrial Park Project

387 Shandong Taitong Commercial Operation Management Group Co., Ltd. Smart Cloud Warehouse Cold Chain Logistics Port Project

388 New 62300 of Shandong Tiema New Material Co., Ltd.t/aMethylmorpholine oxide and special amine project

389 Jinlong Zero Carbon Transportation Science and Technology Industrial Park Project of Shandong Ling Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.(Phase I)

390 Hangxiao Intelligent Production Base Project

391 Huachi Kinetic Energy(Shandong)Power Grade Magnetic Suspension Energy Storage Flywheel Project of Technology Co., Ltd.

392 High-end Stainless Steel New Material Whole Industry Chain Intelligent Manufacturing and Processing Project of Linyi Xinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

393 Modern Facility Agriculture Industry Research Institute Project of Xinfa Group Agriculture Co., Ltd.

394 Construction Project of Shandong Xinjucheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. with Annual Output of 100,000 Tons of High Performance Environmental Protection New Materials

395 High-end composite materials and auto parts production project of Shandong Sinoma Automotive Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

396 Core Hengji Electronic Information Industrial Park Project

397 Haipeng High-end Ultra-large Five-axis CNC Gantry Machine Tool and High-end Ultra-large CNC Floor Boring and Milling Compound Machining Center Construction Project

398 Zhongtian Polymerization New Fire Smoke Exhaust System and Construction Project of Refractory and Thermal Insulation Materials for Fire Extinguishing Shelter of Energy Storage Power Station

399 Kairuimofan Energy Storage Electromagnetic Ejection System and Autonomous Navigation UAV Device Production Project

400 Henkel Loctite(China)Green High-end Adhesive Industrialization Base Project

401 New GB Tractor Integrated Parts Processing Project of Shandong Zhenghong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

402 Cool Smart(Shandong)Kute Intelligent Flexible Smart Supply Chain Center Project

403 Jining Cold Chain Logistics Base Green Smart Cold Chain Logistics Park Project

404 Shandong Hongyuan Intelligent Equipment Vehicle Co., Ltd. Aluminum Trailer、Aluminum cargo box and sanitation special vehicle project

The annual output of 405 Yaoling is 2GWhProduction project of sodium battery and silver paste and powder

406 Yinan County Yangdu Water Group Co., Ltd. Pet Supplies Industrial Base Construction Project

407 Hongling Smart Home and Automation Equipment R & D and Production Center Project of Shandong Hongling Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

High-end intelligent assembly R & D and manufacturing project with an annual output of 150,000 tons of 408 Shandong Beike Construction Co., Ltd.

409 Agricultural Processing Industry Cluster Project of Xinfa Group Agriculture Co., Ltd.

410 Ha axis(Shandong)High-end bearing production base project

411 Shandong Shuoshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Annual Output 2.8GWhLithium iron phosphate power and energy storage battery project

412 Localization R & D and Industrialization Project of Medium and Large High-end CNC Machine Tools and Functional Components of Shandong Homag Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Anqiu Smart Cold Chain Logistics Base Phase I Project of Anqiu Anxing Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd.

414 Daming Guangfu 8GWGeneration IV Perovskite PV Cell Production Project

415 Shandong yuanshun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Customized 5GHigh-end Intelligent CNC Machine Tool and Industrial Intelligent Robot Project

416 High-end Equipment Manufacturing and Deep Processing Project of Shandong Zhongzheng Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

417 Shandong Jingchang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 120,000 tons/Polyacrylonitrile precursor and 60,000 tons per year/Carbon Fiber Material Production Base Project

418 Weifang Maglev Intelligent Manufacturing Industrialization Project of Weifang Xinlian Industrial Management Co., Ltd.

419 Shandong Runlong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Wind Power Bearing、Electrical items

420 Shandong Yisheng Industrial Co., Ltd. New Construction Project of Herbicide Series Products with Annual Output of 50200 Tons

421 Shandong Lianyang Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Lianyang Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Project

422 Star Energy Technology(Heze)Ltd. with an annual output of 12GWhEnergy storage equipment and system integration production base project

423 Shandong Haotian Smart Logistics Co., Ltd. Linyi Green Low Carbon Smart Cold Chain Logistics Park Project

424 Yantai Lihua Power Technology Co., Ltd. 25GWhLarge cylindrical energy storage battery project

Project of Shandong Xinhecheng Fine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 70000 tons of high-end vitamins, antipyretic and analgesic raw materials and intermediates

426 Intervet Technology(Shandong)Ltd. with an annual output of 200 sets of automation equipment project

427 Additive Manufacturing Project of Shandong Wanhang Additive Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

428 Boshan High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project

429 Haohe Chloroaniline Pharmaceutical Production Project

430 Jiyang Biological Functional Protein Production Base Project

431 Guosheng Heterojunction 10GWDouble Carbon Industrial Park Phase I Project 5GWHigh-efficiency heterojunction photovoltaic cell project

432 Hongrun Petrochemical(Weifang)Limited liability company 130,000 tons/Green High Performance Specialty Chemicals Project

433 Kelp Industrial Park Project of Shandong Haijuwei Cold Chain Co., Ltd.

Huamao New Material 700,000-ton Anode Material Precursor Project

North Consumer Goods Distribution Center Project of Rizhao Bonded Logistics Center Co., Ltd.

436 Qingling(Linyi)New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.“Qingling”Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Project

High-performance composite new material project with an annual output of 600,000 cubic meters of Shandong Norbod New Material Co., Ltd.

438 Qingyun Tuofu Technology Assembly Engineering Co., Ltd. has built a new project with an annual output of 150,000 tons of high-strength new materials for prefabricated buildings.

439 Zhongke Zhigu Kechuang Park Project

440 Forest Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park of Shandong Lansheng Wood Co., Ltd.

441 Jinan International Trade Industrial Park Project of Shandong Energy Group

442 Shandong Kodali New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Precision Structural Parts Phase II Project

Longkou Chenliang Intelligent Manufacturing Center Project of Longkou Chenliang Investment Management Co., Ltd.

444 Jining Zhongyi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 3000 construction machinery and road machinery structural parts.

445 Rizhao Advanced Iron and Steel Manufacturing Base Capacity to Undertake Phase II Project of Upgrading and Transformation

446 Jiangbei Aluminum Intensive Manufacturing Industrial Park Project of Shandong Zhiling New Materials Co., Ltd.

447 Shandong Binhua Binyang Combustion & Chemical Co., Ltd. 10000 tons/Polyphenylene sulfide(PPS)Special Materials Project

Industrial Project of Great Wall Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. with Annual Output of 30,000 Units of New Energy Engineering Machinery(Phase I)

449 CIMC Zero Carbon Marine Engineering Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Project of Yantai Shengxinyuan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Electric Forklift and Core Components Project of Shandong Liugong Forklift Co., Ltd.

451 Weichai New Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd. Weichai New Energy Power Technology Industrial Park Project

452 Shandong Jinbao Electronics Co., Ltd. 7000 tons/Annual high speed high frequency board 5GUse(HVLP)Copper Foil Project

Annual Output of 20000 Tons of Cyclodextrins Extracted by Biological Enzymes from Heze Changgeng Biomaterials Co., Ltd.

454 Shandong Xinguo New Materials Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 40000 tons of diphenylamine.、1000 tons of antioxidantKY-405、1000 tons of antioxidantBLE、3000 tons of octylated diphenylamine、7500 tons of nonyldiphenylamine、3000 tons of phenothiazine、360000 Tons Aniline Project

455 Fa'ao Yiwei(Zibo)Robot Technology Co., Ltd. Intelligent Cooperative Robot Ecological Industrial Base

456 Zibo Haijia Construction Co., Ltd. Zhongjian·Smart Cube Zibo Gaoxin Smart Port Project

457 Zibo Hi-tech Zone Chengyun Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. Zibo Hi-tech Zone Green Building(Assembled type)Demonstration base project

458 Environmental Protection High-end New Disinfectant Project of Shandong Leno Environmental Protection New Materials Co., Ltd.

459 Zhongke Intelligent High-end Manufacturing Project

460 Tianren High-end Petroleum Intelligent Automation Equipment R & D and Manufacturing Base Project

461 Shandong Jinling New Materials Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/Efficient Green Recycling Project of Chlorine Resources

462 Rutile Titanium Dioxide Intelligent Transformation Project of Shandong Dawn Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Phase I of 463 Asia Pacific SSYMB Pulp & Paper Extension Project

464 Defeng Xingyuan(Shandong)New Energy Industry Co., Ltd. Annual output 10GWPhotovoltaic slicing project

465 Dashengxin Material Technology(Shandong)Co., Ltd. High-end Electronic Chemicals Production Base Project

Expansion Project of Zhongqing New Energy Industrial Park in Qingyun County of Shandong Jingyun Asset Management Co., Ltd.

467 Shandong Jianjingyuan Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. 60,000 tons/Dismantling of waste lithium batteries in、40 thousand tons of battery powder comprehensive recycling project

468 Advanced Packaging and Testing Base Project of Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Urban Renewal Group Co., Ltd.

469 Ecological Co-production Project of Shandong Guyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Annual output of 300,000 tons of aldehyde-based green materials and wet electronic chemicals project of Shandong Xinke Environmental Chemical Co., Ltd.

471 Rongcheng Zhongrui Forestry Development Co., Ltd. National Reserve Forest Construction Project of Rongcheng City, Shandong Province

472 Yunnan Tin New Material Industrial Park(East China)-329,00 tons/Tin-base new material construction project

473 Organic Chemicals and Phase I Mother Liquor Recovery Technical Transformation Project of Liaocheng Dongyan Chemical Co., Ltd.

474 Shandong Lanwan New Materials Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/Acrylic acid and 40,000 tons per year/Acrylate Project

475 Wudi Xinyue Chemical Group Co., Ltd. 200,000 tons/YearBDODegradable green new materials and supporting projects

476 Shandong Sanyue Chemical Co., Ltd. 300,000 tons/Propylene oxide by hydrogen peroxide、13000Nm3/hNatural gas hydrogen production project

477 Shandong Ruibang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Production Line Project with Annual Output of 100 Digital Intelligent Medical Gloves

478 Shandong Baisanfang Food Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Baisanfang Prefabricated Vegetable Industrial Park Project

479 Technical Upgrading and Transformation Project of Luyou Luyou Refinery of Qilu Branch of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

480 Cyanuric Acid Comprehensive Utilization Project of Shandong Jinyouxing Water Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

481 Wudi Golden Bay Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. 50,000 tons/Annual lithium carbonate and 10,000 tons/Lithium Hydroxide New Material Project

Project of Shandong Zhongjie Special Equipment Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 5000 cryogenic vessels and large-scale energy and power equipment

483 Shandong Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 7100t/a High-end Pharmaceutical Intermediates Project

484 Adiponitrile Phase II Project of Tianchen Qixiang New Materials Co., Ltd.

485 Rizhao National Medical Forum Hospital Project

486 Rizhao Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Park Project

487 Rizhao Comprehensive Passenger Station and Supporting Project

488 Shandong Foreign Language Vocational and Technical University Vocational Education Shuangchuang Park Phase II Project

489 Jinan International Trade Center Surrounding Municipal Road Construction Project

490 Expansion and Upgrading Project of Pingdu Technician College

491 Weifang People's Hospital Internal Medicine District Project

492 Rushan City Pipeline Network Facilities Renovation and Upgrading Project

493 Phase I Construction Project of New Campus of Rizhao Vocational and Technical College

494 Water Quality Improvement and Recycling Facilities Project in North Area of Fangxing Guangrao County

495 Reconstruction and Expansion Project of Dezhou Vocational College of Science and Technology

496 West Campus of Shandong Foreign Affairs Vocational University(Industry-education Integration Park)Project

497 Zaozhuang Vocational College of Applied Technology Project

498 Zhongshan Road Regional Upgrading Project of Qingdao Haiming City Development Co., Ltd.

499 Construction Project of Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedic Treatment Center of Shandong Wendeng Orthopedic Hospital

500 Linyi Electronic Science and Technology School Old Campus Relocation and Training Base Construction Project

501 Taidong National Pedestrian Street Construction Quality Improvement Project of Qingdao North City Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

502 Jinan Hospital Project, Guang'anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

503 Kongtong Scenic Spot Project of Yantai Kongtong Scenic Spot Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

504 Dongping County People's Hospital Dongping County Medical Center Construction Project

505 Huaxia City Scenic Area Ecological Protection and Restoration Project

506 Dingtao Medical and Health Industrial Park Project

507 Jinan Lashan River and Xingji River Drainage Subarea River Comprehensive Treatment Project

508 Zibo Urban and Rural Drinking Water Safety Guarantee Project(Advanced Treatment Project of Xincheng Water Treatment Plant)

509 Construction Project of Industry-University-Research Practice Base in Wenshang County

510 Tangdao Bay Cultural and Art Center Project of Qingdao West Coast Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

511 Jinan Daxin River and Juye River Drainage Subarea River Comprehensive Treatment Project

512 Jinan Daming Lake Drainage Subarea River Comprehensive Treatment Project

513 Wulian Retirement Service Center Project

514 New Campus Construction Project of Shandong Vocational College of Special Education(Phase II)

515 Major Projects of Provincial Medical and Health Institutions in 2024

516 Tai'an Taishan City District Heating Co., Ltd.“Leger enters Thailand”Long-distance transmission heating pipe network project

517 Construction Project of Qufu Vocational Education Center

Weihai Lingang Vocational Education Center

519 Dezhou Derui Intelligent Engineering Vocational College Project

520 Zibo City Asset Operation Group Co., Ltd. Zibo Agricultural Vocational Education Industry-Education Integration Training Base Project

521 Shandong Gudetai Real Estate Co., Ltd. Gudetai Wenlu Plaza Project

522 Construction Project of Binzhou Kangyang Vocational College

523 Urban Renewal Project of the Low-efficiency Area Reconstruction Initiation Zone of Shanghe Energy Valley

524 Hot Spring Wenlu Hotel Project in Taierzhuang District

525 Chengwu County People's Hospital General Hospital Medical Care System Construction Project

526 Wucheng County Citizen Center Construction Project

527 Jinxiang County Secondary Vocational Education Quality Improvement and Expansion Project

528 Qingdao University Medical Center Phase I Project

529 Urban and Rural Water Supply Quality Improvement Project in Weishan County(Phase II)

530 Chengyang Hospital District Project of Qingdao Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

531 South School of Changle No.2 Middle School and Science and Culture Education Park

532 Changyi City South Area Urban Renewal Project

533 Longshan Campus of Shandong University(Innovation Port)Phase I project

534 Jinan District Heating Group Co., Ltd. Liaohe-jinji Long-distance Heating Project

535 ancient city of Jinan(Ming Fucheng area)Urban Renewal Project

536 Urban and Rural Water Supply Integration Project in Central District of Zaozhuang City

537 Canal International Agricultural Products Trade Center Project of Jining Vegetable Wholesale Market Co., Ltd.

538 Linyi County Civic Cultural Activity Center Project

539 Shandong Wanrun Natural Gas Supply Project

540 Construction of Vocational Education School Project

541 Aerospace Information University Construction Project of Shandong Aerospace Information Industry Co., Ltd.

542 Zaozhuang Engineering Technician College and Industry-Education Integration Training Base Project

543 Huantai County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine South Hospital Construction Project

544 Ocean Science and Education Innovation Park of Ocean University of China(West Coast Campus)Phase II project

545 Zhangqiubu Village, Jinan 4AComprehensive upgrading of first-class scenic spots and construction of supporting service facilities

New Hospital Area Project of Jinan First People's Hospital

547 Zibo Arts and Crafts Vocational Education Industry-Education Integration Training Base Construction Project(Zibo main campus)

548 New Hospital Area Construction Project of Zibo Stomatological Hospital

549 Fulong Lake Digital Silk Road·Hangtian Science and Technology City Living Room Project

550 Qingdao Shanghai Cooperation Urban Renewal Group Co., Ltd. Double Carbon Economy Industry Innovation Center Project

551 Dongying District Water Plant、Pipe network upgrading project

552 Jinan Children's Hospital New Campus Construction Project

553 Heze Urban Construction Industry-Education Integration Training Base Project

554 Stellar Science City Project(Pingdu Campus of Qingdao Hengxing Institute of Science and Technology and its supporting industry-education integration base)Phase I project

555 Shandong National Lifelong Learning Center Construction Project of Shandong Open University(Phase I)

List of Provincial Major Preparatory Projects in 2024

1 Monitoring and forecast of rainfall regime in Shandong Province“Three lines of defense”Strong Foundation Project

2 Huaneng Dezhou Power Plant High Flexibility, Clean and Efficient 2×660MW CHP Project

3 Jinan Railway Station South Station Comprehensive Supporting Construction Project

4 Special Railway Line Project of Liaocheng Guanzhou International Land Port Co., Ltd.

5 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Qilu Branch 3×Cogeneration Project of 80000KW High-efficiency Back-pressure Coal-fired Unit

6 Zaozhuang Zhuangli Pumped Storage Power Station Project

7 Infrastructure Construction Project of Rail-Road Intermodal Logistics Park in Lingcheng District, Minsheng County, Shandong Province

8 Zibo Dongyue New Energy Co., Ltd.×Cogeneration Project of 50,000KW Backpressure Unit

9 Zaozhuang Bayi Thermal Power Plant Coal Gangue Comprehensive Utilization Thermal Power Unit 2 Project

10 Guanxian New Energy Industry Integration Project

11 Aixu High Efficiency Solar Cell Module Project

12 Huimin County High-end Textile Production and Research Integration Project of Shandong Huiju Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

Weihai Donglan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 40,000 tons of environment-friendly coatings.、20,000t resin project

14 Shandong Dechen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Annual output 12GWPhotovoltaic module project

15 Construction Project of Jinan BYD New Energy Passenger Vehicle and Parts Industrial Park(Phase II)

16 Research and Development Project of Biomedical Products of Shandong Jinyan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Annual output of 22600 tons of biological enzyme and enzyme products industrialization project of Shandong Hengdong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

18 High-end Food Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Construction Project of Shenxian Zheshang Food Industrial Park Co., Ltd.

19 Shandong Yida New Materials Co., Ltd. Technical Upgrading and 60,000t Carbon-based New Materials Project

20 Marine High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Project of Shandong Baoding Precision Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

21 Shandong Hongfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. Maleic Anhydride and Degradable New Materials Green Low Carbon Innovation Demonstration Integration Project

22 Isothiazolinone and Chlorinated Intermediate Production Project of Shenxian Zhengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

23 Shandong Huiyuan New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd. 50,000 tons/Annual functional flat wire processing and 250,000 tons/Regenerated Polyester Bottle Chip Project

24 Inspur Zero Carbon Intelligent Industrial Park Project

25 Shandong Gangcheng Mining Co., Ltd. Zoucheng High-tech Calcium-based Nano New Material Project

26 High-end Transmission Equipment Kechuang Industrial Park Project of Jinlei Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

27 Binzhou High-tech Zone Finance Innovation Development Co., Ltd. Binzhou High-tech Zone UAV Industrial Park Project

28 Shandong Weibao Energy-saving Technology Group Co., Ltd. Graphite Composite New Material Intelligent Equipment Industrial Base Project

Tsu'tey(Shandong)Holding Group Co., Ltd. 100,000 Tons High Performance Alloy Pipe Super Factory Project

30 Zibo Niushi Dart Planetary Reducer Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 1.5 million precision planetary reducers and precision transmission system modules.

31 Weifang Hongrun Petrochemical Technology Co., Ltd. Fine Chemicals and Functional New Materials Integration Project

32 Shandong Qihan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Zibo High Efficiency Photovoltaic Industrial Park Project

33 Shandong Binhua Juhe New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 400,000 tons/Project of Polyether and Its Downstream Application Device

34 Zibo Zhengcheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Environmental Protection Degradable New Material、Epoxy New Material and Special Amine Construction Project

35 Moxifloxacin API and High-end Pharmaceutical Intermediates Intelligent Technology Upgrading Project of Ruiyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

36 Intelligent Building Machinery Equipment Project of Shandong Laibao Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

37 Weijiao Group 250,000 tons/Butanol and octanol and 180,000 tons per year/Aniline Production Project

38 Saideli High-end Lyocell Fiber Production Project with Annual Output of 450,000 Tons

39 Taian Hanwei Group Co., Ltd. Taian Hanwei Group Industrial Park ProjectⅡPeriod

40 Daxinzhuang Archaeological Site Park Project(Phase I)

41 Qingdao Kaifeng Hengji Investment and Development Co., Ltd. Jiaozhou Shanghe Xianfan City Historical and Cultural Block Project

42 Mount Tai, China·Tianping Lake International Life and Health Valley

43 Wudi County Medical and Health Infrastructure Comprehensive Capacity Improvement Project

44 Nishan World Confucianism Center Joint Graduate School Project

45 North Campus Construction Project of Shandong Industrial and Commercial College

List of Major Projects of Jiangsu Province in 2024

January 5,Issued by Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission《List of Major Projects in Jiangsu Province in 2024、List of Key Industrial Projects of Private Investment in Jiangsu Province in 2024》,There are 450 major implementation projects in the province.。

The first batch of key construction projects in Henan Province

January 2,Henan Development and Reform Commission announced the list of the first batch of key construction projects in 2024.,A total of 520 projects were selected.,The total investment is about 2.1 trillion yuan,The annual planned investment is about 583 billion yuan.,It covers the improvement of innovation-driven capability.、Infrastructure construction、Construction of new infrastructure、Industrial transformation and development、Green and low-carbon transformation、Improvement of people's livelihood and social undertakings and other six major areas。

Major Projects of Guangdong Province in 2024

The other day,The Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued《Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission's Funding Arrangement Plan for the Preliminary Work of Major Projects in 2024(The first batch)Publicity of》。The first batch of 93 provincial major projects in Guangdong Province in 2024,The fund arrangement is 81500 ten thousand yuan.。


XCMG: Six bridges and two engines, XCA400L8 _ 1 is high-tech!

XCMG: Six bridges and two engines, XCA400L8 _ 1 is high-tech!

Set a New National Record, Sinotruk Heavy Truck Export Exceeds 14000 Vehicles in February!

Set a New National Record, Sinotruk Heavy Truck Export Exceeds 14000 Vehicles in February!

Renovation of Patterns? Zhonglian Mining Machine "Customer Activity Day" Officially Opened

Renovation of Patterns? Zhonglian Mining Machine "Customer Activity Day" Officially Opened

Good news of delivery | Batch delivery of 30 SJM 3090F wide-body dump trucks

Good news of delivery | Batch delivery of 30 SJM 3090F wide-body dump trucks

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XCMG Official 5m 1000W*2 Hand Push Operated Lifting Telescopic Mobile Metal Halide Lamp Balloon Light Tower

XCMG Official 5m 1000W*2 Hand Push Operated Lifting Telescopic Mobile Metal Halide Lamp Balloon Light Tower

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XCMG Official 5m Hand Push Lifting Telescopic Mobile Halogen Lamp Light Tower for Construction Site and Mining

XCMG Factory 9m Hydraulic Mast Diesel Generator Trailer Mobile LED Stadium Light Tower

XCMG Factory 9m Hydraulic Mast Diesel Generator Trailer Mobile LED Stadium Light Tower

XCMG Official 7m China New Mobile Diesel Generator Explosion Proof LED Work Light Tower for Sale

XCMG Official 7m China New Mobile Diesel Generator Explosion Proof LED Work Light Tower for Sale